Monday, February 21, 2011

Computer Problems - Solved?

EDIT: All problems were suddenly, strangely, and mysteriously fixed... I think my computer may have been playing a prank on me...


My computer is...troubled. It doesn't want to start up past the first screen. I may take it into Best Buy later and use their amazing Geek Squad service that's fast, affordable, and obviously endorsed.

Thankfully, I am extremely paranoid.

I was sure to send my latest w.i.p. to my email a couple days ago fearing such a thing might happen. And now that it has, the file is stored EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE I can find. It's not going to get lost.

Everything else is backed up on my Sanyo Incognito (also endorsed) which accepts microSD cards. So yeah, this isn't too horribly disastrous, I mean, I managed to blog about it, right?

- Avery

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